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5 Tips to improve your stockroom

5 Tips to improve your stockroom

Stockrooms and warehouses form the backbone of every business in the world. It may not be the sexiest part of the business, or the place that gets the most eyeballs but how the stockroom is run and maintained can determine the future of the business.

In many ways it acts as the headquarters of your operations and it is where you will oversee production management, receive shipment, add and accept new inventory and it is where you excess stock will sit.

Managing it well and managing it right will help you increase profit and facilitate in the smooth running of the business. Mismanagement will lead down the path of chaos and loss!

Here are 5 organisational ideas for your stockroom to optimise its capabilities and keep it running at its best.

  1. Maximise Vertical Space
You will have heard this one time and time again, but it is a classic! Don’t limit yourself to your floor-space- grow upwards. Walk into any warehouse and you will see this being used. Several large retailers use this storage space on their shop floor and replenish accordingly. The more items you can get onto higher shelving or racks the more floorspace you will free up. Invest in a fork-lift or ladders and stools to be able to reach the stock when needed.
  1. Discard or sell old or excess stock
You can add a lot of vertical space to your warehouse or stockroom, but it will only take you so far if your old or excess stock is taking up most of the space. The good news is that you can free up a lot of space by tapping into the specialist excess stock buyers’ market and gaining a handsome profit for your excess stock or stock marked for disposal. You would be surprised at how much of your unwanted stalk can fetch you! You could also discount the items and try and sell them online on your own – but this will take time.
  1. Utilise Inventory Management Software
Inventory management software are the perfect tool to keep your warehouse or stockroom running smoothly. It can help you accurately predict how much stock you need shipped in and when, helping reduce wastage and excess accumulation. They will also save you time needed to do a manual stock assessment.
  1. Train stockroom or warehouse staff regularly
A stockroom is only as good as its people, and regular training will keep them updated on the newest best practices and introduce a culture of innovation and a clean and accurate warehouse. The staff will be able to identify inefficiencies and implement creative strategies that work for your industry specifically.
  1. Invest in the right storage unit
There are many different types of storage units available for a stockroom or warehouse, but you should consider which one is best for your industry. Do you need bins or racks, or would a shelf do? How high and how sturdy do you need them to be? Invest in good quality units and consider mobile storage units, which can help you maximise space during peak periods. Always ensure quality. By spending a bit more time optimising and planning your stockroom and warehouse, you can be assured in the smooth and efficient functioning of your business. Do you have any innovative ideas to add? Let us know in the comments! This article is provided by Cyclops Excess, specialist buyers of excess electronic stock.
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