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Creating Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Supply Chains

Creating Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Supply Chains

We have 12 years to save the Earth and make it a better place for future generations. In order to do this companies big and small should seriously consider creating sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chains and work towards creating a greener business in general.

E-waste levels are growing at an alarming rate and electronic stock buyers are particularly well positioned to help reduce those numbers. According to a report by the Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) and the UN E-Waste Coalition released at Davos in January 2019 reveals the annual value of global e-waste as over $62.5 billion, more than the GDP of most countries. More than 44 million tonnes of electronic and electrical waste was produced globally in 2017 – over six kilograms for every person on the planet. This is equivalent in weight to all the commercial aircraft ever built.

Here are some ways you can help create a greener supply chain.

  1. Don’t scrap old stock
  2. Don’t scrap your old stock- sell it instead. There are plenty of specialist buys who will not only give you a fair price for your stock but also pay for the transportation of the goods from your warehouse to their own. Depending on where you live you can tack this on to your tax benefits and receive extra income as well. This will reduce e-waste and promote recycling within the electronics industry.


  3. Design your products for reuse
  4. Products can be designed for reuse, durability and eventually safe recycling. Embracing durable design can ensure that electronic stock is kept in circulation for longer encouraging an excess electronic stock industry where the products can be dismantled and re-used, thus adding to a circular economy.


  5. Using technology
  6. Companies should use available technology to increase transparency, providing verifiable ethical standards. According to AI, the IoT, and blockchain are also being used to reduce the environmental impact of the supply chain in relation to trucking and shipments. Self-driving trucks, for instance, are quickly becoming a new reality, and resource and time tracking via blockchain and the IoT are being integrated into supply chain transportation processes.


Many companies these days are spending time developing plans to go green and incorporating corporate social responsibility and working to reduce their carbon footprint and make their supply chain sustainable and environmentally friendly.


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