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Use excess Inventory to you advantage!

Use excess Inventory to you advantage!

Excess inventory is a problem that arises in every company and may negatively impact profitability. It is critical to sell this excess inventory as swiftly as possible to make sure your ROI is maintained and does not decrease with the passing of time.

Excess inventory should be a potential source of income, but most companies usually consider it a hassle to deal with and prefer to scrap it to recover a part of its cost, or simply choose to ignore it.

Read how we helped a company earn £25000 extra for their excess inventory! Don’t let your excess stock languish in your warehouse, use it to push your company’s profits forward.

Current market conditions are primed for maximum ROI on excess inventory. According to EPS news, Hardware components dominated the c-class parts market with in 2017 and will continue to remain so in near future as well.

The electronic component market has been blossoming and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 24.4 per cent during 2012–20. According to Asteel flash, for the last 25 years, MLCCs have been used massively. You can find them on most of the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assemblies. The tremendous growth of smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT), wireless network infrastructure and Electric Vehicles, demands x10 times more MLCCs components than before. This is the most sought-after component on the market right now, with a lead time of minimum 52 weeks.

So how can you take advantage of this current market? By taking action and being proactive with your excess stock! Sell your excess or obsolete inventory whenever you see them stockpiling and create an additional source of income for your business.

Excess inventory tends to tie up your working capital and your ability to use it more strategically. Many companies also sell off their excess at huge discounts that more often than not hurt their bottom line.

Many OEMs, CEMs and distributors are suffering from electronic component shortages, but if you happen to have excess stock, this could be the opportune time to use this market to you benefit.

Contact us to see how we can help. Our advisers can work with you establish not only the best way to see you excess stock but also secure the maximum ROI for business.

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