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Inventory Management and Bright ideas!

Inventory Management and Bright ideas!

Inventory management is the heart and soul of any successful business, and as the business expands- so does the difficulty in keeping track of everything from products to stock to waste!

But just as inventory management needs have grown – so have the solutions on offer- we now have everything from inventory tracking software to automated robots working in the warehouse- helping business owners better understand and respond to changes in the supply and distribution chain.


Having a good and reliable inventory management software can become the most essential part of running a business. These programs can track products at every level including inventory of incoming items, outgoing items, goods rotation and even prioritise based on its value.  This will also simplify the cycle counting process, helping you better understand turnover.

It can also alert business owners to potential discrepancies, predict upcoming cycle change based on past patterns and help optimise the stocking and distribution process.

First things first

It is very important for businesses to use their software to be able to identify their most profitable products within the stocking process. These products would always need to be stocked to safe levels, so as to ensure continued sale and profitability.

Robot helpers

Inventory software is not new, but it has grown over the years to become the saviour for many a warehouse manager, but the introduction of robots in warehouse management has really been shaking up the industry.

Using drones to scan items makes the whole process much more accurate and freeing up workers to focus on other important tasks. Robots are also being used for the picking process, Amazon warehouses already use this technology as they need to be picking as many as 100 items an hour to keep up with consumer demands.

Using robotic pickers can help companies protect their works and increase the overall pace of the warehouse.

Inventory management has to keep up with growing consumer demands and has come a long way since a simple pen and paper process. Software and robotics are intermingling with the people powered ecosystem that has kept marketplaces alive and are now providing accurate and up-to-date predictive analysis, helping keep workers safe while optimising the workflow of a warehouse.

Technology is something we need to accept as part of the world moving forward in order to better serve consumers and reduce waste when it comes to stocking and warehousing.


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