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Case Study

case study

In this case study we will show you how


By selling their excess stock, our partner

  • Received an extra £25,000
  • Offset losses against a future tax bill
  • Improved its financial outlook

OEMs can recoup more money for their excess inventories by working with a third-party, as this case study shows.

A long-time partner of Cyclops Electronics had traditionally scrapped quantities of excess stock to offset against its tax liabilities. The company did this periodically and under current British law, would be able to claim 19% of the stocks original value back against a future tax bill.
This, however, was not the most efficient course of action. Although the business was able to receive some financial return for its surplus stock, there was a feeling that the company was still getting a poor return.
We were able to present a more attractive offer to help manage their excess inventory. This allowed them to receive a greater financial return, split between an upfront payment and a sum to go towards their tax liabilities.
This meant the company received more money than they did previously, and it ultimately improved the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their supply chain.
We’re actively buying excess inventory on an international scale. We have purchased over £7 million worth of stock in the last year and are keen to work with more manufacturers to help them maximise the value held in their excess.

If you would like to enhance the financial forecast for your excess stock of electronic components, contact us today for a free demonstration of the benefits to working with Cyclops Excess.

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