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How “Chiplets” May Help the Future of Semiconductor Technology

The global demand for semiconductors is accelerating faster than a speeding bullet, with integrated device manufacturers, systems companies, and foundries like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company making a killing. This accelerating demand is largely fuelled by the rollout of 5G infrastructure and the increasingly connected devices we use on a daily basis. From semi-autonomous driving aids […]

Amazon One: An easier way for you to pay using your palm

Contactless payments are the most convenient way to pay for things. Whipping out a contactless payment card and paying without entering a pin number saves time, and the ability to save cards to Google Pay or Apple Pay on your smartphone and use NFC to make contactless payments makes life easier too. It’s all very […]

Environmental benefits of selling your excess stock

As environmental concern has increased, businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce waste and be greener. For businesses that buy and manufacture electronic components, an effective environmental management plan is essential to meet targets. But as components build up, targets can quickly become unattainable. — An electronic component conundrum Electronic components are […]

Inventory Management and Bright ideas!

Inventory management is the heart and soul of any successful business, and as the business expands- so does the difficulty in keeping track of everything from products to stock to waste! But just as inventory management needs have grown – so have the solutions on offer- we now have everything from inventory tracking software to […]

Selling Surplus electronic Components? Keep these 3 things in mind!

Managing and forecasting your requirements is an imperfect science. With new technologies constantly being released, existing parts being discontinued, consumer demand switching on a sixpence or Mother Nature wreaking havoc, contending with surplus electronic components or stock is a problem that all companies are likely to have to contend with at some point. Shortage markets […]

5 Tips to improve your stockroom

Stockrooms and warehouses form the backbone of every business in the world. It may not be the sexiest part of the business, or the place that gets the most eyeballs but how the stockroom is run and maintained can determine the future of the business. In many ways it acts as the headquarters of your […]

Creating Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Supply Chains

We have 12 years to save the Earth and make it a better place for future generations. In order to do this companies big and small should seriously consider creating sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chains and work towards creating a greener business in general. E-waste levels are growing at an alarming rate and electronic […]

Have you considered selling your excess electronic components?

Your business is thriving, but you are stuck with stock that just sits in the back of your warehouse taking up precious space. What can you do? You could scrap it, or you could try something radical! You could consider selling your excess electronic component to specialist buyers like Cyclops Excess, who have been buying […]