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Cyclops Group Brexit statement (IV)

Issued: October 2020 Operational update   Cyclops group has robust plans in place for a variety of Brexit outcomes. Strategic Brexit planning has evolved over the last 2 years to incorporate the likelihood of several possible outcomes as well as a fully negotiated agreement. For this reason, the Business has been required to undertake a […]

Cyclops September COVID-19 Lead time Update

As we enter another global spike in COVID-19 more uncertainty rises in its impact it could have on electronic global supply chains and manufacturers.    Manufacture Altera has had an increase in lead times to 15-16 weeks this is due to the demand from the server market. Analog devices have reported their lead times are […]

2019 looking into 2020 with Cyclops

2019 was an exciting year for Cyclops Excess so we thought we would highlight some of our achievements throughout the year. Whether it’s been new additions to the team, warehouse clearances or an exciting new website, this year has been an amazing ride! New Website and New Name We relaunched the excess stock division with […]

End of Year Excess Stock

It’s almost the end of the business year and our customers are looking to maximise their excess stock as we start the roaring 20’s! Depending on what a company has done during the year, it will have – for several reasons – excess stock, which will no doubt be gathering dust on its warehouse shelves! […]

Buyers Guide to Identifying Excess & Obsolete Electronic Component Inventory

When we talk about excess or obsolete inventory, we are of course referring to inventory of which the quantity you are holding in stock is surplus to requirements. Maybe production operations which originally were intended to use that stock have slowed or even stopped. Perhaps there is new hazardous materials legislation which leaves the stock […]

How to deal with Obsolete inventory?

What is obsolete inventory? Obsolete inventory also referred to as “obsolete stock,” “dead inventory,” or “excess inventory” is a term used to describe items that have come to the end of its product life-cycle. This means that there is no market demand for the product anymore. Most businesses determine that its inventory is obsolete once […]

Use excess Inventory to you advantage!

Excess inventory is a problem that arises in every company and may negatively impact profitability. It is critical to sell this excess inventory as swiftly as possible to make sure your ROI is maintained and does not decrease with the passing of time. Excess inventory should be a potential source of income, but most companies […]

How can Big Data Help in Procurement?

What is big data? Well, according to Wikipedia “ “Big data” is a field that treats ways to analyse, systematically extract information from, or otherwise deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processingapplication software. For simplicity’s sake, we can say it is an innovative way of looking at traditional data […]

Why scrapping excess stock is never the answer

Glen Bodilly sits down to discuss excess inventories and why scrapping is never the answer. Glen Bodilly joined Cyclops Electronics in 1999. During his 19 years with one of the UK’s most renowned independent distributors, he has progressed through a variety of sales roles and now oversees the company’s international excess stock division. Drawing on […]

The Problems with Excess Inventory (and how to solve them)

No matter the size, scale or scope of your business, excess inventory is a problem that we all have to deal with at some point or another. Even after months of hard work and planning, inefficiencies can appear in the supply chain, especially if consumer or manufacturer demand fluctuates ever so slightly. As a result, […]