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Surplus Electronic Components

We will buy your

Surplus electronic

Cyclops Excess will buy your surplus electronic components

We want to buy your surplus electronic components.

We are specialist buyers of electronic stock marked as excess or obsolete. We also buy stock marked for disposal.

Call one of our expert buyers in the cyclops excess team who will guide you through the process of selling to us, including ensuring you get maximum ROI for your electronic stock.

With over 24 years in the electronics industry our team will work with you through our various selling options and will also pay to move the sold stock to our secure warehouse facilities.

Thus, freeing up your precious warehouse space and giving your business an immediate cash injection.

Our approach is simple – just send us your stocklist and we will get back to you with an offer.

Why choose to sell to us?

There are several reasons you should sell your excess electronic stock to us! Some of which are listed below.
We understand the financial drain that unwanted inventory can have on your business. At Cyclops we offer our clients a fast solution to assist in the removal of their excess electronic components. That’s why in a recent customer survey over 90% of our clients said that they would definitely choose to work with us again in the future.
Whilst you are waiting for a response on your excess stock list we will keep you updated as to any developments in the assessment.  90% of our clients rated our stock list assessment response time as excellent or very good, giving you the peace of mind we are working with you to get the decision you need as quickly as possible.
You can be assured that we will offer you a competitive price for your unwanted stock, with all of our clients rating us excellent or very good for competitiveness.
Surplus electronic

10/10 Cyclops! Jane at Cyclops has been very helpful for our Company. Thanks to Jane and the Team, we have managed to get rid of a lot of Excess Stock and Free up so much Space. Cyclops is a very close supplier and customer to us, and we appreciate their corporation

Liam Morton