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Meet the team

Our team comprise of industry leading professionals who use their wide and varied experience
in the world of electronic components to help you deal with your excess and surplus electronic stock

The Cyclops Excess team specialise in reducing your excess electronic stock and inventory while maximising it's return.


Glen Bodilly

Head of Cyclops XS

Glen has worked within the cyclops group for over 20 years. originally he started s an assistant in 1999, but was quickly promoted to assistant account manager. Having developed and extensive knowledge of the industry, he moved into ‘Cyclops Excess’ in 2015. He surrounded himself with a diverse and dynamic team that make everyday in Cyclops Excess exciting, rewarding and full of laughter. 

Glen enjoys most sports particularly cycling, football, badminton, squash, tennis and hiking. He also has a passion for nature and wildlife as well as music, travel and food. 


Ellie Wright

Customer Service/Sales Assistant


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Cyclops excess is a division of the Cyclops Group