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UK semiconductor industry and government

The government has responded to a report released late last year on the UK semiconductor industry. The report, released by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee, details recommendations […]

Using AI to design microchips

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on everyone’s mind right now. With the rise of ChatGPT  and other AI software expanding our potential, every industry is wondering how AI can help them. […]

Chinese New Year shipping delays

The earlier-than-usual Lunar New Year celebrations may cause more disruption than normal, according to shipping experts. Lunar New Year took place between January 22nd and February 5th 2023. The festival […]

Is it possible to make compostable PCBs?

Decades ago we wouldn’t have thought it possible to create printed circuit boards (PCBs). Now, in 2023, we’re discussing the possibility of biodegradable ones. A research group from the Johannes […]

The benefits of flexible electronics

Flexible electronics is an area of study that has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and is an area of interest for many electronics companies. Liquid metal […]

3D printing of electronic components

We talk a lot about the ways modern technology are a benefit to the electronics industry. There’s no better example of this than the ability to 3D print electronic components. […]

The future of bioelectronics

Bioelectronics are electronic devices that are specifically used for biological or treatment purposes. Often this circuitry is used as an alternative or to complement medical treatment. Why are bioelectronics used? […]

India increasing chip manufacture

In recent years India has been increasing its share in the electronics industry, planning to become a hub in the future. Currently India has a lot of dependence on imported […]

PCB Assembly

Circuit boards, Assemble! We’re not quite the Avengers, but we do know a thing or two about assembly. As an electronic component supplier, Cyclops works to get customers the electronic […]