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Excess Electronic Components

Excess Electronic Components

Cyclops Excess will buy your excess electronic stock in part or whole. 

Our expert buyers will work with you to make sure you receive maximum ROI for your excess electronic components and we will also pay to transfer your excess stock to our secure warehouse facilities.

We have offices worldwide and work internationally to buy excess electronic components, thus freeing up your precious warehouse space and providing you with an immediate cash injection for your excess and obsolete stock.

Just send us your stocklist and we will take it from there!

excess electronic components
excess electronic components

Take control of how you want to sell your excess electronic components

We have a few different options to suit your needs! Talk to one of our expert team members to see which option might work best for you and your business.

Our process is simple- just send us your stocklist, we assess it and get back to you with an offer.

Why sell you excess stock to us?

  • We have been trading for over 25 years
  • We are a highly reactive company
  • We ensure the maximum ROI for your excess stock
  • We allow flexibility in how you can sell to us
  • We are open and transparent in all our dealings
excess electronic components