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Sell Your Excess Electronic Components Stock

At Cyclops Excess, we specialise in buying and managing excess electronic components, helping OEMs and CEMs sell their surplus stock optimising its value, whilst freeing up warehouse space.

Our Certifications
ISO 9001:2015
Cyclops Electronics ERAI member
ERAI member

Specialist Buyers of Surplus Electronic Components

With Cyclops Excess, you can turn electronic component surplus stock into an asset for your business, making managing your inventory and cashflow easier than ever. By simply sending us your stocklist, we will manage the rest of the process, including:

Creating price estimations for your stock on the electronics component marketplace.
Relocating your components to one of our global warehouses, if desired.
Advertising and selling your stock through our global network manufacturers and distributors.
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Explore your Options

Whether you need immediate cash injection, fast removal of the stock or longer-term return on your excess components value, we can discuss how we can optimise your stock options and find the best solutions for your business now and into the future.

Immediate Purchase

This solution is ideal for when you want to remove your inventory as a package and receive a lump sum payment.

Standard Consignment

If your stock still holds a high value, but is no longer an asset to you, then you would benefit from our consigment plan.

Virtual Consignment

All the benefits of a standard consignment while keeping your stock in your own warehouse.

Type of Electronic Components We Buy

Electromechanical Components
Cable Assemblies
Terminals and Connectors
Passive Electronic Components
Active Electronic Components
Integrated Circuits (IC’s)
And so much more!
Our Network at your Service

Your Global Excess Management Partner

When you choose Cyclops Excess, you gain access to an international player in the electronic components distribution market, connected with thousands of buyers around the world.
Purchased lines in our stock and growing
Total components purchased to date
Customer base of OEMs, CEMs and suppliers
Years of industry experience
UK • USA • Belgium • China
Global warehousing

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