Excess Inventory Management

Electronic Components Consignment: Keeping Your Stock Safe and Secure

June 17, 2024
Excess Inventory Management

Electronic Components Consignment: Keeping Your Stock Safe and Secure

June 17, 2024

At Cyclops Excess, we understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your electronic components during the consignment process. Our customers entrust us with valuable inventory, and we take every precaution to ensure their stock is safe and secure.

Safe Storage Conditions

Anti-Static and Anti-Moisture Protection

All consignment stock at Cyclops Excess is kept in anti-static and anti-moisture bags. These specialised bags prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) and moisture damage, which are critical factors in preserving the functionality of electronic components. This helps us ensure your components remain in optimal condition throughout their time in our care.

Electronic components wrapped in anti-static red bags
Electronic components wrapped in anti-static red bags

Controlled Warehouse Conditions

Our warehouses are designed to provide a stable, ideal environment suitable for electronic components. Maintaining consistent temperature and humidity levels helps to prevent any adverse effects that fluctuating conditions might have on sensitive electronics.

Organised and Secure Storage Practices

Barcode Tracking System

We utilise an advanced barcode system to manage our inventory. Each consigned line is labelled with a barcode that indicates its location within our warehouse and tracks its stock levels. This system allows us to efficiently locate and process components, ensuring prompt and accurate order fulfilment.

Dedicated Consignment Areas

Consignment stock is primarily stored separately from our regular inventory. This separation helps in maintaining organisation and reduces the risk of mix-ups or loss. Each consignment is typically kept together, making it easier to manage and monitor the condition of your entire stock.

Boxes of consigned lines labelled and kept separate within the Cyclops warehouse
Boxes of consignment lines labelled and kept separate within the Cyclops warehouse

Controlled Picking for Orders

When an order for your consigned stock is received, the components are picked in a controlled environment. This provides additional protection against contaminants such as dust and particles, further ensuring that your components are in perfect condition when they reach the buyer.

Explore Our Flexible Consignment Options

Our standard consignment service allows you to store your electronic components on our premises and market to our extensive network of over 3,000 professionals, including OEMs and CEMs. This option is ideal if you are not in a rush to sell your components and seek to maximise your returns over time. Additionally, since we will store your components you will free up warehouse space.

For customers who prefer to retain their stock on their premises, we offer a virtual consignment option. This allows you to keep the components readily available for your supply chain while still benefiting from our marketing and sales expertise.

Cyclops Excess is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and care for your consigned electronic components. By employing meticulous storage practices, advanced tracking systems, and maintaining clear communication, we ensure your stock remains safe and in prime condition. Trust us to handle your excess inventory with the utmost professionalism and security, so you can focus on your core business with confidence.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our consignment services, please contact our team. We are here to help you maximise the returns on your excess electronic components with minimal hassle.

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