Need To Sell Electronic Components?


Are you looking to sell your excess electronic components? We are buyers of excess electronic stock, with industry experience of over 25 years! We have worked with leading OEMs, CEMs and distributors located worldwide.

We buy everything type of electrical stock including but not limited to integrated circuits, capacitors, semiconductors etc. 

Our experienced and expert team will work with you to get you the best market prices for your excess electronic stock, providing with you with trustworthy and customer friendly service while managing you excess inventory to you advantage.

To sell your excess electronic components and get maximum ROI for your stock, give us a call!


What type of electronic components do we buy?

We buy all of your surplus and excess electronic inventory or stock. Everything from Integrated Circuits to semiconductors, capacitors, diodes and so much more! Contact us for more details or simply upload your stocklist.

We offer businesses the opportunity to maximise the value of their excess electronic stock with minimum effort, expert consultancy and confidentiality. 

Simply upload your excess inventory stock-list and out team will get back to you.
sell electronic components

How can you sell your excess or surplus electronic inventory?

There are several ways you can choose to sell us your excess electronic stock.
  • Upload your stocklist through the website
  • Speak to our expert team about your stock and its value
  • Discuss the best selling option for your excess electronics
  • Once you have decided how you want to sell, and have accepted an offer from the Cyclops team, we will pay to move your stock out of your warehouse.